Faith minus religion


It is easy to understand people’s reluctance to associate with religion. It is also understandable that a lot of people turn away from religion and become atheists. I was one of those people. But here’s the catch: faith is not dependant on religion. And, yes, religion is man made.

You can have faith and never step foot in a church. Why? Because we are the church. The church was never a place except when men decided to conceptualize it as such. But that’s not what Jesus taught. If anything, the church is ‘inside’ of us – it is that ‘shrine’ within our soul where we connect with each other and with God.

What about the Bible? The Old Testament gives testimony to everything leading to Jesus’ coming. And the New Testament is the good news from God incarnated in Jesus. Is there a difference in tone between the Old and New Testament? Of course! Times were different, that’s the ‘language’ we understood. Can a father speak to a child and to an adult using the same type of language and logic?

When we set aside our human expectation of deceit and our human intellectual arrogance, we’re humbled enough to start facing the Bible as testimony about our nature across time and the good news of how we can become better. With Jesus as your hermeneutical key, you will be able to access wisdom contained in the Bible that is unparalleled – and you’ll also be empowered to disregard any wording or message that doesn’t align with Jesus’ teachings.

That’s how you can subtract religion from faith. Empower yourself to attain the wisdom contained in the Bible. Don’t let religion stop you from walking this beautiful and empowering path – the only one in this world that will genuinely set you free.

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