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Moments of disconnection?

At times I become so involved in the pragmatism of everyday life that it seems I experience moments of disconnection from God. The full weight of the world then nearly crushes me and I am reminded of what it used to be like to live life as an atheist: the lack of purpose, the superficial love and the absence of genuine peace of mind.

It is such a blessing to be touched by the Holy Spirit to believe. And what a bliss it is to know in my soul that God loves me, forgives me and leads me to a peaceful place in my soul. Quantum Mechanics is just beginning to understand the powerful force that connects everything and everyone in the world. If you’re curious about the idea of connectedness, check out ‘quantum entanglement’ – it’s fascinating.

So do we experience moments of disconnection? No, I don’t think that’s possible.

However, we do become much more aware of how our very existence impacts others, so in spite of all our efforts to grow and become balanced, we still hurt and are continually hurt by others. It’s the nature of our connected world. And whatever it is that creates that ‘hurt’ feeling comes around and goes around similarly to a ‘law’ of physics that we absolutely cannot dodge!

Counterbalancing the hurt with love and forgiveness always does the trick. And the good news is that it becomes easier with time! For me it takes a few hours and, worst case scenario, a few days. Definitely an improvement from years!

Life is such a beautiful creation. And our connection with God unlocks only a small part of its beauty. But when I say ‘life’ I really mean what’s beyond what we’ve set up here on Earth as ‘life’: this is not really ‘life’, this is just survival!

So what’s that feeling of disconnection all about? That’s when the body takes over. And it isn’t that the soul is pure, it isn’t. But the body will pass, so it is only reasonable to face it as a vessel and make sure that our connection with the soul is always at maximum strength.

I imagine this sensation of disconnection to be a little like when dust causes an electric device to malfunction. There’s so much dust in the air it’s expected to happen, but be quick to clean up your device!

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