The ‘good’ guy & the ‘bad’ guy


There’s a disturbing process in politics that’s largely fed by social networks: the idolization of the ‘good’ versus the demonization of the ‘bad’.

My dear friends, make no mistake:

A) There’s no good in this world to be glorified.
B)  We are in no position to demonize the bad.

Our nature is bad.

Stop glorifying Obama. Stop demonizing Trump. They’re just like the rest of us.

There is a much greater danger when oppressing others for the sake of ‘advocating’ for the common good. Oppressing others in the name of doing good is pure evil.

You know that feeling that you’re teaching someone a lesson? Pure evil. Yup, you heard me! It’s pure evil!

Jesus used to be extremely critical of the ones who were not ‘practicing what they preached’ – the ones who, in the eyes of society, were ‘good’. But Jesus knew they were not good. And using the appearance of good to judge others was by far the most criticized behaviour – not adultery, not prostitution, not murder.

This life has always been and will always be full of struggle. What makes it easier and more bearable is our divinely inspired ability to empathize, connect and work together.

Let’s build bridges. Enough of them have been broken already.

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