Less introspection, more gratitude

Introspection is essential for self-awareness and growth. But living inside our heads does us no favors and leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Feeling hopeless, purposeless, negative, indifferent? Try reaching out to people and listening to what’s going on in their lives.

Offer them a hand. A smile.

I know some negative people who feel isolated, misunderstood and hopeless – but they refuse to reach out to others to help them.

Little do they know that the most powerful ‘cure’ for our negativity often comes from stepping out of our inner selves and actively helping others.

Gratitude is the fuel that leads us to want to help others when we feel like we are the ones who need to be helped. But gratitude is often diluted in introspection, because the more we dig, the more we become aware of the weight of the world and of our imperfections.

Want to help yourself? Try helping others first.

Step out of yourself: you might not be perfect, but helping others with genuine willingness is the road to perfection!


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