god love

Prayer is powerful. Keep it simple.

Prayer doesn’t need to be done out loud: God doesn’t need us to utter words, he knows what’s in our minds.

Prayer is not the repetition of religious text – such as the Ave Mary. It is a very intimate chat that we have with God to express our gratitude or share our struggles and ask for guidance. 

Chat with God in your own way. Keep it simple.

God doesn’t need you to tell him what’s troubling you – he already knows. Still prayer is a wonderful way to consciously connect with him and experience the peaceful hope that this connectedness fills us with. 
He also does’t need to be reminded of what you want. Repeating the same prayer over and over again comes from a place of paranoia and does nothing but fuel even more paranoia in us. 

Do what you can, then rest. Leave the outcome in God’s hands. 

Most importantly: pacify yourself about the fact that what we think is good for us might be radically different from what God knows that will make us good. 

God will fill our lives with grace in ways that we might not understand in this lifetime, but that will be decisive for our growth towards eternity. 

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