Did you take more than you could handle?

Feeling hurt can become a handicap and, sometimes, it gives us the impression that we’re all alone hurting in the world. But we’re not. Often times there’s so much worse than our hurt going on in the world.

Yet it is necessary to let the hurt take its course. I think we’re becoming afraid of pain – and I have to admit I am going through that at this very moment, just because the pain is greater than expected and I am typically very balanced and handle emotions exceedingly well.

But pain is usually a good moment to connect with God and to completely surrender to his Grace.


I think my struggle is to understand why exactly I am hurting. And suddenly the thought of being loved by God is not enough. It’s scary. My self-love actually falters me!

So far the lesson I am learning from this is that I might have just taken far more than I could handle. I have gotten much better at evaluating my limits, but there’s clearly still work to do. I felt pushed in both situations to make a decision I had already considered, but didn’t think I should – or could make. The ‘push’, I assume, came from the Holy Spirit.

We all need to learn when to draw the line before things get much worse.

It’s all about balance.

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