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Transcending life to genuinely connect with God

To experience a genuine connection with God, we must transcend life.

I’ve often had the experience of being in the middle of a huge crowd and yet feel as if I were in a different dimension: I just stand there in the crowd as an observer, but not as a part of it.

I perceive my surroundings, but I don’t let my surroundings affect me.

I look at my surroundings with compassion, love, forgiveness… but I don’t allow it to ‘look back at me’, define me and shape me.

I don’t ‘join’ my surroundings except through love. I don’t allow it to populate my inner self: it remains outside.

God’s inside.

Everytime I ‘lose’ my ability to perform this transcendence, I feel sucked into a lifestyle that crushes the good that I’ve managed to grow in me.

It’s like flying: staying up and overcoming gravity is no small feat.

Sometimes we think that God’s grace is all about things working out for us in this lifetime. But I am realizing that this transcendence is God’s grace in its purest form. Because life is, and will always be, full of struggle.

So really it is transcendence that allows us to build our house on the rock – where we feel loved, forgiven and peaceful regardless of what’s going on in our lives. Regardless of space and time.

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