Truth is about conversion, not confession

This is probably one of the most controversial topics out there, but for anyone who follows Jesus there should be no doubt that if telling the truth to someone is going to do more damage than good, then repentance should take precedence – and the ‘truth’ should be dealt with between you and God only.

What this means in practical terms is that, for instance if you cheat on your significant other, and then repent – there is absolutely no reason to be telling the truth as a way to remediate the situation. By telling the truth you will be causing more damage to the person who was cheated on than if you simply change your ways and don’t do it again.

We certainly have a tendency to seek morality in association with telling the truth, but ultimately morality is not the path to becoming a good person: it is the genuine desire and willingness to act as a good person.

‘Reporting’ your mistakes doesn’t make you a good person. On the other hand, changing your ways so you don’t repeat those same mistakes again is a big step towards becoming a good person.

The reasoning behind this is very simple: God knows what you’ve done. He doesn’t need you tell anyone else what you’ve done. What he wants from you is that you change your ways. Your confession to others will cause them hurt – God doesn’t want us to hurt one another. If you become a faithful person from that moment onwards, that in itself is the ‘truth’ of your conversion – not the so-called ‘truth’ of your confession.

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