Daily gratitude

When we start reacting to life in stressed, upset and entitled ways, gratitude is lacking. And it’s very easy to lack gratitude in our world, which is all about updates & ugrades.

It’s an important daily exercise to take a step back and feed our gratitude.

I make a case in my life to keep things very simple and that’s helped me become more detached from wanting to have more. I probably have less than anyone else that I know and I’ve been asked several times if I had just moved into my place, because of the very few pieces of furniture.

But the outside is not that important. Where we really need to keep things simple and focused on what’s essential is in our souls.

This daily gratitude is also about being grateful for our ability to love one another and to feel peaceful in a world that is full of struggle.

Today I am grateful for the love that God’s inspired in me amidst a difficult moment.

I am grateful for feeling love in my heart even when it seems things are not working out, because the things that really matter are working out in mysterious ways to prepare my soul for the wonders of what’s next.

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