god love

Fascination with our existence

What fascinates us draws us closer and closer to it. A growing fascination with our very existence is both cause and effect of a genuine relationship with God.

When I began to study Quantum Mechanics a few years ago, I picked it as a way to stop overthinking about humanity and social dynamics. And while Quantum Mechanics did bring me some relief, it actually lead me to dig even deeper into the fabric of our existence.

And our existence is all about this unattainable wisdom that meticulously set everything in motion.

Our existence is all about God. And God is the mathematical precision of love-based wisdom.

Quantum Mechanics brings us insight into the beauty of God. It is also the perfect way to face our limitations, because we are clearly very far from understanding existence.

Not surprisingly, Quantum Mechanics has become an excuse for engaging in mysticism. It is in our nature to seek to control everything and everyone, including what we don’t understand.

But if there’s one certainty in Quantum Mechanics, it is uncertainty. Uncertainty is void and thus does not provide any support for our existence.

I understand everyone’s quest for answers about our existence – I’ve been there. But it’s not supposed to be a quest. It’s a path.

This path is paved with surrender, trust, love, forgiveness, compassion.

There aren’t multiple paths, it’s just one path – one that’s hard, narrow and where growth comes from daily exercise, not magic words and rituals.

This path does not pass through the doors of religion. It’s inside of us.

This path is God.

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