The Lord gives and the Lord takes away

I highly recommend reading the Book of Job. Our ‘downfalls’ are the only way for us to grow – and expecting to ‘get back’ what we had or find a new life that’s similiar to what we had… none of that is what Jesus is offering us.

Just look at Paul’s life, and Job’s – and how they reacted to their massive, mind blowing downfalls. Job worships God even when everything and everyone is ‘taken’ from him:  Job 1:21 “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away”

The suffering we experience is GOOD for us because in our weakness we reveal our true selves – mostly to ourselves and others. God already knows.

A lot of us still expect life to be ‘fixable’ in ways that are merely mundane. But our bodies mean very little, almost nothing, compared to our souls. God’s not working on our bodies or the lives we have here. Being afraid of death turns us into evil doers. Being afraid of losing the life we have also turns us into evil doers trying to keep it at all cost.

Nothing brings us closer to God than losing this life in order to be born into eternal life. For a lot of people this means material loss, health struggles and a neverending emotional struggle in interpersonal relationships.

I have seen people lose not this life, but their soul, in the process of wanting to fix a ‘broken’ loved one. Fear of loss and death comes from an attachment to this life. We REALLY can’t serve two Gods. If we can only serve a God that gives us the life we want here, then that’s not God at all – that’s just ourselves we’re serving. And God’s Grace is a complete mystery, so we only have one choice: surrender to it and trust God.

We’re all struggling. What changes everything for us struggling is how we react to it. That’s why Job and Paul are perfect examples, because the struggles of our current worlds are tiny compared to what they endured. I am by no means disregarding the pain we’re all experiencing – just focusing on the only answer to it: loving God. Not getting angry at him, who’s saving us from ourselves and for a much better life than the best one we could imagine here in this world.

NOTE: This is a comment that I posted on BeautyBeyondBones, the only blog I follow. I thought I’d share since it’s a post on its own. I also recommend the blog.

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