god love

Love your enemy

The commandment to love our enemies is a powerful one. It tells us to live a life where regardless of what someone has done, we will love him, forgive him, show compassion and help him. 

What this commandment does not tell us is to judge, condamn, ostracize, antagonize or punish our enemies. 

Being a follower of Jesus entails transcending our evil nature and this world. 

With love, it is possible to follow Jesus. But if you still react to the events of this world thinking in terms of man-made law and moralism, then you’re not yet following Jesus – and love will be crushed.

I write this post in light of how almost everyone, including Christians, always react to events of this world (such as Charlottsville) from a legalist and moralist standpoint. 

Moralism is our own doing. It is also incompatible with God due to its inherent relativism.

You don’t need to follow Jesus to love only those who are lovable – just follow the flow of the world! 

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