Christianity, the stumbling block in people’s way towards God

I experienced a conversion after spending almost half my life as an atheist, and having been brought up as a Catholic, I knew the way was far, far away from religion.

I’ve been extremely blessed with a Christian connection that one of my best friends brought to my life: she introduced me to a non-religious pastor who left the religious system and has since been using an Internet channel to broadcast his wonderful and clear understanding of what  it really means to follow Jesus and live under God’s grace. 

Since he seeks to free people from the control and judgment that dominates 99.9% of churches out there, he leaves everyone free and is an inspiring example of love. 

Sadly, it is nearly impossible to find someone else like him. I have tried the so-called non-denominational groups and even groups that were not a church only to find out that they were trying to plant a church in disguise. 

Religion has been nothing short of a satanic stumbling block in people’s way. A few weeks ago, I attended yet another gathering hoping to find free followers of Jesus, but instead I found a group of people who pretty much only socialize within the church. 

I was welcomed to the home of one of them where the gathering took place, but felt a a sharp pain through my soul as I heard them making comments about how reading the bible was burdensome and that they appreciated being reminded that it shouldn’t be. That is a clear sign of someone who is religious and thus hasn’t converted.

Yet reading the bible becomes a wonderful and completely enjoyable experience for someone who has genuinely converted and isn’t being told when to read the bible. I’m at a point where I’m completely filled with love and hope as I read the bible and I can think of no better way to spend my time. 

In fact, I read the bible at 3 different points of it on a daily basis because I use my phone, my kindle and a printed version without trying to synchronize the reading.

As a Christian, it is important to face the truth: Christianity is religion and man-made. 

On the other hand, being Christian without Christianity allows you to be a free follower of the spirituality of Jesus – as it should be.

Once you become aware that your adherence to Christianity is your stumbling block, you take the first step towards freeing yourself to really living under God’s grace and with love. 

One reply on “Christianity, the stumbling block in people’s way towards God”

This is so clear , you could not have put it more nicely and concisely. I had the same but vague feeling (about the constraints of church), after i attended Sunday school as a teenaged , but now it is just so clear.


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