Sadness and Joy

Life is full of struggle and we will continue to struggle. 

Being Christian brings us the solace of God’s love and the confidence that everything that happens to us has God’s permission to happen and is intended for our betterment. 

Many Christians believe that displaying constant joy is a sign of faith. But that is absolutely not true.

The bible has many passages where people have faith and yet experience great sadness and depression.

Even Jesus had his moments of profound sadness prior to his arrest and crucifiction.

So this post is for all of you hurting out there – it is human to hurt, to be sad and to be depressed. 

This has been a particularly difficult year for me. And God has brought me out of my depression a few times. 

But hurting made me really see how God’s power is strengthened in my weakness. I’ve been humbled and experienced love under adverse conditions.

Tonight I pray that God blesses all of us with the joy that we can only experience when under his Grace.

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