Zeal for God

I’ve been very fortunate to find a group of non-religious followers of Jesus lead by a loving and forgiving man who genuinely inspires me.

Apart from him and a few people in his group, it’s nearly impossible to find others out there who are simply followers of Jesus, free from religious baggage.

Yet coming across different believers in the past year has been revealing for me.

One time, my Jewish neighbors knocked on my door to ask me to come over and turn on their oven and stove top for them, because they were forbidden to do that on a holy day. Although I was sorry to see their attachment to old testament laws and rituals, I felt a powerful love coming from them in their zeal for God.

My experience is showing me that our shared zeal for God brings us together – and very powerfully so.

Now I might not be able to share my beliefs with my Jewish neighbors, but we share love for God. And regardless of our differences, God is there for bothof us.

My Jewish neighbors and I are equally willing to please God.

We might not ever be best friends, but I wholeheartedly accept them. And I am grateful to God for having put them in my way so that I could learn in practice that it isn’t our likemindedness that unites us – it’s our love for God & love for one another.

As our beloved brother Paul beautifully said: “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring glory to God.” Romans 15-7

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