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The bread that transforms us

Who doesn’t love bread? Some of our ancestors pretty much lived on it, the so-called “daily bread”, and it is still one of those staples that almost every household keeps.

Bread being a primary resource to feed us, it isn’t surprising how often it was used as a metaphor for spiritual nourishment. But the strongest point to make is that we always have a choice: continue to seek the bread(s) of this world as the foundation for our lives, or transcend this world and eat the bread that is not of this world, and that feeds both the body and the spirit.

And it gets even better: this bread’s nourishing power is so literally out of this world that although our bodies will die, our spirits will live on to enjoy eternal life. In fact, as we savour this bread, we already start sampling the transformation that this bread can produce in us.

This bread feeds us with the willingness and ability to transcend this world and live in it as if we were no longer a part of it. This bread is love. And we all know that this bread is God, because God is love.

But make sure you are eating the right bread, because only this bread is real food. And once we try this real food, it is time to set aside the silly, powerless toys of this world like crystals, law of attraction, hypnosis, charms etc that only serve to distract us and delay us from our meal times.

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