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Is everything we call love really love?

Love is a buzz word nowadays. Everyone says they love everyone, even in cultures where there was never even a habit of saying ‘I love you’ to anyone outside the realm of family. It all looks really good, but is it true?

A believer knows that love is an expression of God, and that any expression of genuine love is divine in nature. We also know that, since we are limited, we can only love in part. But as we love one another, we share God’s love by doing his will and grow in our ability to love everyone.

We also know that love is conscience, not feeling. We might not like certain people, but we are called to love them. Love takes transcendence. And not surprisingly this is where people can be completely misguided.

For instance, take people who say they love more than one person at a time, romantically, and want to be with both. They believe that they have transcended this world, and some call themselves spiritual, but no sane person would do what they do. In reality these people are not yet able to love.

A loving conscience understands that, in our world, competing for a partner’s attention is hurtful. We resent betrayal, both sexual and emotional, and we are troubled by the very thought of our partner desiring others.

Pagan cultures are being rebranded in our times, but they are very old. Friends with benefits, casual relationships and polyamory are non-committal and non-monogamous behaviour that show both a lack of spiritual transcendence and a strong disregard for human nature. They are destructive for a loving conscience and enslave an unloving conscience to darkness.

But I’m not talking about saving ourselves for marriage either. Trust me, God knows how skilled people are at selling themselves to get what they want. The number of people out there who get married to someone who turns into a completely different person shortly after is statistically impressive.

Knowing the horrors of this world, God takes us by the hand to navigate it in the best way possible. We should absolutely get to know someone well in all aspects of life before we decide that they are worthy of marrying.

As we navigate this world with a loving conscience leading us, genuine love fills us with the joy to give ourselves completely and exclusively to another person. And that’s what we can truthfully call love.

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