love recovery

What makes our decisions good?

When you wake up everyday, what is the real reason why you get up? What’s the driving force? While we don’t have one clear answer for these questions, our relationship with God is marginal.

Yet it should be central, because here in this world everything and everyone passes. Only God’s love is life and eternal.

Following Jesus is the perfect refuge from the struggles of this world and he welcomes us to do that. But beyond that, following Jesus is what gives us life, sharing God’s divine nature, allowing us to experience all things in this world from eternity and through love.

Jesus isn’t an app to open and close whenever we need it, or leave running in the background. He isn’t an add-on to our family and friends to fill in voids. He is our all. We exist because we were created through him.

When we live this life without Jesus as our all, we die bit by bit, piece by piece, as everything around us perishes. But when we make ourselves a home for Jesus, no matter what happens around us, we live on – in spirit. Eternally.

How can Jesus be our all? It takes transcendence. It takes willingness to do God’s will, and the confidence that there is nothing good outside of God’s will, because God is all light, all good, all love. A higher love. The only true love.

And what is God’s will? That we love him by loving one another. This way we can be one with God, who is love. Are you willing to do God’s will?

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