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Confessing to the right One

Living in truth is not the same as telling the truth. While a change of heart can bring people together and love can heal, simply spitting out the truth can have the opposite effect.

In the course of your life, you have probably known a person who doesn’t forgive someone because of what they did to her.

This is an evil world where people punish each other’s wrongdoings, sometimes for life. And where people tell the truth for many reasons, including to crush others.

That is why confessing to the right One is so important.

And the right One is God.

When we confess to him, our conscience is already being transformed. Our very repentance is his power at work in us.

His love encourages us to act the way we were meant to act and make things right, armed with the confidence of his forgiveness.

He does not want us to crush our loved ones with a “truth” he already forgave us for and that his grace has blessed us to repent from. His will is for us to try again and love one another.

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