love recovery

Life beyond survival

Surviving the trials of this world is a concern that many of us have. But when we are called by the One who made us, we come to know life is beyond survival of the body. It’s an eternal spirit.

We might think our circumstances are good, we might think they’re bad. But ultimately “good” or “bad” are brief sensorial moments compared to the glory of our eternal transformation.

Because God is love and, incarnated as Jesus, he shows us that we can overcome the world, including the death of our bodies.

As we follow him, we understand that he uses our circumstances as an instrument of his love to mold us. So instead of dreading them, we are filled with the resilience that only his grace gives us.

There is thus no shame in feeling powerless and weak. His power is perfected in our weakness and he is our very strength.

Lead by the divine revelation that all things contribute to the good of those who love God, we can surrender to his care. Take a step back and trust that he is the one fighting our battles.

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