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It’s time to forgive, not judge

There’s a lot of judgment going around. More than usual.

So it’s more important than ever to remember that we were called by God not to judge – because he himself didn’t come here to judge us, although he could. But to forgive.

Don’t judge, forgive.

Everyone doing the judgment thinks they are advocating for what’s just. And all this judgment going around is the perfect opportunity to turn our communities into the devil’s playground.

When we believe that we are just, we join forces with evil.

Because we are far from being just and rely on the Lord’s grace to do anything good in our lives. It is also him who teaches us to resist evil, because when we do, evil flees from us.

So as we go through these atypical times, let’s allow God’s grace to work the good in us by forgiving everyone, 70 times 7.

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