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The life that cannot be quarantined or claimed

Being alive in this world is not the same as having life.

When we follow Jesus, we learn to challenge the mindset of this world at all times. And this time is no different from any other.

The only thing that can be quarantined in us is already dead. And that’s our bodies and worldly desires. It is only a matter of time until we are physically dead, but we know very well that there is only one life to live, and that life is in the spirit.

Since life is in the spirit, our relationship with the One who made us does not require attendance to a place. This should become progressively clear for believers now.

And while it is wonderful to have a good community and gather at a place, this community doesn’t need that place to exist.

I follow a community from another country that is mostly online since 2014. I have only interacted with one of them twice, yet their preaching has been the best support system I’ve ever had.

And then there is the apostle Paul, who often wrote letters filled with joy from dungeons, chained, starved, ill, lonely.

Because his life is in the spirit, Paul’s joy is not circumstantial. And neither should our joy be dependant on our circumstances.

God’s love is the constant that fills our spirit with peace and joy.

Whether Paul is free to roam around or a prisoner in chains, he experiences the same life and the eternal joy that comes with it. The joy of God’s love when we live with him in our spirit.

Don’t be fooled, the darkness of this world rules just as much when we are having the “time of our lives.”

Times of struggle really are the perfect opportunity to draw us closer to the One who loves us unconditionally, because his power is perfected in our weakness.

It is God’s love that guides us to navigate this darkness and rescues us when he makes his home in our spirit.

We have his assurance that our suffering is going to pass along with the world when we believe in the One he sent to save us. And we live with confident hope while he grooms us for eternity.

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The most “free” person I ever met was a terminal prisoner in chains in a hospital bed, even though weak with cancer ravaging his body, and as we shared our lives in the freedom of Christ in us, the glory of God filled the room and the two guards in the room were confounded (they had warned me not to go into the prisoner’s room).

After I saw another patient and came out of their room, one of the guards was waiting in the hall and motioned for me to come to him;

he wanted to know what “that” was in the prisoner’s room

he wanted to know how he could be free as the prisoner in chains was obviously free!

God is amazing, majestic, glorious! life in Christ and Christ in us is unspeakable joy, living in His righteousness and peace! thank you Jesus!

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