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We are called to forgive the world, not to please it

I can read people within seconds just from being around them, so “social distance” is part of everyday life for me.

The distance helps me keep my peace of mind and not wonder if my feelings are my own or someone else’s, which happens when I have dozens of other people’s energies hovering over.

Going out and knowing how people are judging one another for what they do and don’t do, I am reminded of the blessing of forgiveness that being called by God has brought to my life.

Since my conversion, I have enjoyed the confidence that the One who owns everything I see, and don’t see, including my body and spirit, chose not to judge me and instead died to save me.

So if you are feeling judged now, then turn the other cheek. We were not called to please the world and God doesn’t judge us. Take rest in his relentless mercy and unconditional love.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you bless us with understanding. Pour your grace on us so we’re quick to listen, slow to anger and always ready to forgive.

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That’s interesting, I just took the test and got INFJ. The description fits. For years I got ENFP, but I have been transformed quite a bit since.

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