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Trust the way out that gives you peace and endurance

Have you ever had a situation in life when you thought you had found a solution for a problem, only to realize later that the solution was worse than the problem you were trying to solve?

In the past few years, I made certain decisions in hopes of solving problems, and these “solutions” ended up causing even more problems in the long term.

This happened often when I tried to rebuild broken relationships and in choices I made in my professional career. But I raise it here as a basic principle of life:

The solution should not be worse than the problem.

In this fallen world, we don’t always have a choice between good and bad. Sometimes situations are complex and leave us with a choice between the lesser of two evils.

And when we find ourselves torn between two choices that are not good, having the peace from the One who loves us unconditionally gives us confidence to make the right decision.

I pray that we are all blessed with this peace that exceeds all understanding whenever we are presented with difficult choices. May love be our leader and a forgiving spirit our armor.

Remember, we never experience a situation that is beyond what we can bear. And every time we face a problem, we are provided with a way out so that we can endure it.

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