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We need spiritual intelligence to have a loving conscience

In a world that worships the intellect and becomes blinded by its selfish pursuits, it is a challenge for intellectuals to have a spiritual life. I know it was for me.

I was an intellectual until my conversion. After my conversion, my intellect became only a shadow of the eternal possibilities I have gained by being lead by love instead.

And yet spirituality must be intelligent to allow us to believe in the impossible, through faith.

In this world, people tend to be either fundamentally rational, like most intellectuals. Or fundamentally emotional. These may be worldly intelligences, but neither leads to the truth.

Is it only true for you when it touches your heart?

Is it only true for you if you can intellectually dissect and explain it based on the systems of this world?

Remember, feelings are worldly. Just like the world, they will come and go. Similarly, the intellect has limits and will pass.

Truth can only be experienced through the lens of a love that is conscious. Because God is love and he expresses the divine power of his love by imparting himself as spiritual conscience in us.

We access this spiritual conscience when we receive spiritual intelligence through a calling. It is in our conscience that his word of truth is imprinted, with his eternal ink of love.

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