love recovery

Becoming a home to Love

True spirituality is a holistic, transformational rebirth that shatters our worldly ways. You know it’s true when this spirituality unfolds as a personal relationship with the One who made us and loves us unconditionally.

As spiritual beings, we don’t need a group or a place to come in contact with him, because he already makes his home in us. While it’s wonderful to meet others like us, we are also here to be the salt of the earth, not in the bubble of a denomination.

When we are given an experience that reveals the singular, exclusive power of the One who created everything that we see and don’t see, we have no desire to pursue any other practices that this pagan world likes to call spiritual. From meditation to rituals, none of it produces a relationship with God.

The only way to establish a relationship with God is to answer his calling for us to love one another. When we do, God’s grace operates in us and we are blessed with a life of joy and peace.

And Jesus, who is God incarnated, is the perfect model of how a human can be that God provided so that we can emulate him.

But we can’t emulate him out of our own efforts. We have to believe in him and allow him to make his home in us. Then we will reflect his love and shine like luminaries in this dark world.

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