forgiveness love

Real justice comes from Love

I am sure we would all love to live in a just world. Justice itself is such a powerful word that we love throwing around because it reminds us that, in every situation, there is a right thing to do.

The tricky part about justice is that we know very well that none of us are in a good position to define what is just, and what is unjust. 

Since we know that real justice comes from love – because God is love – we should invest in forgiveness and leave the judgment to God. 

Jesus teaches us to forgive everyone, regardless of meritGod forgave you and me without merit, so out of love for God, and through His divine love, the only true love, we can also forgive one another regardless of merit. 70×7.

When we trust God’s justice, we receive rest through his grace. Trust that He is all good and that when, how and where are in His hands.

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