Converting from Christianity to Jesus

There are many layers of understanding to uncover when we desire to have a relationship with God, but the hardest one to reach is the understanding that religion has nothing to do with God. This includes Christianity in all its denominations, and even its non-denominations.

Our lives might look a certain way from the outside, but only God knows what’s in our hearts. We are called to follow Jesus, not Christianity, which is a world system that tells us what our lives should be like and who we have to be to belong.

A lot of us seem to refuse to accept that Christianity is a religion and, as such, just as problematic as every other religion that has ever been created by men. Yes, religion is and has always been an obstacle between us and God’s love.

Jesus teaches us that we can not separate wheat from chaff. Yet being a Christian is largely about saying who’s living a godly life and who’s not. This is also why most churches are empty.

As Jesus’ followers, we are not called to tell people how they should live as a condition to be saved. God loves all of us and he saves whoever he wants. The transformation that he operates in our lives is unique to each of us and entirely up to his will.

I am often appalled by the oppressive Christian beliefs about our sexuality, which reveals their legalistic systems.

As a friend of loving people who are gay, I can absolutely not stand the oppressive Christian preaching that singles them out as if they were the worst sinners in the world.

What about the heart of stone ready to exclude and condemn someone for love, albeit same-sex? Is that not sinful? Remember, mercy always triumphs over judgment. God is not going to send a loving brother to hell because of his sexual orientation.

As a woman, I can absolutely not stand the oppressive Christian preaching about virginity and marriage for life. This is being preached among many who are abused, abusers or too conservative to promote a satisfying relationship.

When we pervert Jesus’ message of love to promote a deeply legalistic and religious lifestyle, it becomes evil and oppresses people instead of saving them into a gracious spiritual life.

But God puts his word in people’s hearts however he wants, including people who haven’t heard of Jesus. This truth is offensive to most Christians, blinded that they are by their religious arrogance.

Following Jesus and abiding to Christianity are thus mutually exclusive. Yes, there are followers of Jesus who happen to attend Christian churches, because there is a good community there. Yet the vast majority of Christians are not followers of Jesus.

Christians’ conviction that believing into Jesus requires religious knowledge and practice shows a profound lack of understanding of God’s almighty power and plan for every one of us.

Following Jesus, not abiding to Christianity, is what saves us from our own pursuits of adequacy and worthiness. He calls us to lose our lives so we can become a home to his life-giving love.

Remember, our God is a God of the lost. After he finds us, we still desperately need his loving grace to guide us along the way.

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Religion never saved anyone,but faith in Christ is the difference. When we learn the truth and accept it we are as scripture says “Escaped of the nations”(Isaiah 45:20-25). I will never forget when I learned how it is faith and not religion that saves us and the passage I turned to that I just sat and cried because for the first time in my life God was so close.(Isaiah 43:10-12). God Bless and keep you.Wonderful article.

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Amen, Julia! Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your experience when God revealed this truth to you. This is yet another powerful revelation that can only come from God (even though it is “technically” written all over the bible). You’re right, he is so close when what unites us to him is faith outside of religion. God bless you too and may he keep you filled with his love and joy.


This is one of the best posts I’ve read in ages, Milly! I’m not really fond of the term ‘Christian’ either for all the reasons you’ve given, and I have to say that it’s refreshing to hear of love being spoken of in it’s true sense instead of being blurred by legalism. ‘Love comes before judgement’ – I like that very much. You’ve given me lots to think about in this post.

You’ve probably noticed that my comments on my blog are turned off just now. All the political unrest and world events have shattered my nerves a bit and I’m taking a little breather. I’m starting to feel better already and should get back to normal (whatever that is!) soon. xx

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Good to hear from you, Lesley! And happy to hear you liked the post. 🙂 It wasn’t very popular for obvious reasons.

I did notice the comments disabled and understand why. Personally, I don’t read or watch the news, but I live alone, which makes it easier. If I do hear anything, I pray and only make any comments about love. It disarms people. The Lord has really calmed my heart about everything that’s been going on in the world, mostly because I had too much in my own life to be “concerned” about. I let it all go as much as I could and it’s paid off.

The little breather you’ve taken is wise, I’m sure it’s the Lord leading you to his peace just as Jesus used to do for himself! Good to hear you’re feeling better. 🙂

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I’m going to ask God that I can follow your example by letting more things go and for my heart to be calmed . . . and to cultivate more love in me and less judgement!
I hope you’re having a nice day. It’s evening here in the u.k. now. I’m going to do a bit reading, have a cuppa and then go to bed. Goodnight Milly. xx

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Amen! Cultivating more love also comes from him, and I needed that as well. He always delivers! Every time the answer is love.

I’m having a quiet evening myself, spending time with the Lord and soon will watch a little something. Hope you have a lovely sleep!

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