Mercy always triumphs over judgment

When we see others acting in ways that don’t align with our conscience in Christ, we are called to be merciful.

We were forgiven by a merciful God who carried our sins on the cross and set us free to live a spiritual life filled with his love.

The world might judge and condemn, but we live under the power of grace. We speak up for mercy, forgiveness and love for everyone being crushed by the destructive systems of this world.

We must not keep silent when others are being crushed. Indignation has its place as long as we don’t lose our minds and become hostile, giving way to expressions of evil.

When it is necessary to confront others to assert our values, we must do so with calm and loving words.

We should pray with a hopeful spirit and ask that the One who made us converts the perpetrators of hatred and the ones being affected by it into expressions of his love.

His mercy always triumphs over judgment.

And when we allow him to make his home in us, and seek him first, his mercy triumphs over our judgment.

Without him, we would be agents of destruction. With him, we are agents of his peace and cooperators for his loving word.

3 replies on “Mercy always triumphs over judgment”

Thanks for this Milly. It’s so important, as a Christian, to be able to maintain a balance and to be able to say what we want/need to say but to say it with a loving spirit. I sometimes struggle with this, as I’m sure many of us do. Also, saying nothing at all while seething with bitterness and rage can be disastrous. Please God that we can maintain a proper and loving balance.

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We need to learn to listen to God, reflect about our words for a while (could be days, weeks or even longer) and allow him to speak through us when the moment is right. And the moment is only right when we have his peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

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