Embracing the unknown

As a new year starts, we are stricken with the belief that we need to expect “good” things. Yet the “good” in our lives that is genuinely life-changing often comes out of the worst of circumstances that we call “bad”.

Regardless of what our previous year was like, what makes the new one better is our willingness to embrace the unknown. To be ready and willing to make bold moves in life with Love as our guide. To let go of other people’s expectations and focus on being truthful to our hearts, expecting nothing in return.

Whatever happened in our lives last year, whatever will happen in our lives this year, was and will always be for our own good. There is a perfect balance of “good” and “bad” each day to bring about our spiritual transformation into who we are meant to be.

In this new year, may all of us allow Love to be our wisdom. And embrace the unknown of the eternal life unfolding before our eyes everyday with confident faith.

7 replies on “Embracing the unknown”

Thank you for the kind words, Fred. Yes, a much needed reminder of his almighty power and unconditional love.


Milly thanks for such a indepth post. It seems you and I think alike. Last year I did a post called “When You Prayed For Change” Sometimes the direction you want to go and the direction God takes you in to get you out of your comfort zone may be two different things entirely. But if you remain faithful the blessing will come.

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Thanks for the thoughtful comment! Indeed, only he knows what is best for us. He is saving us from the appearance of “good” in our worldly “good” times, and blessing us with the right times that bring about what’s genuinely good.

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