The Queen and timeless Love

We have been blessed for 96 years with a Queen who believed in the divine and eternal power of Love. She lived a long life that reflected that faith, positioned as one of the rare peacemakers of this world, and building constant, everlasting bridges worldwide with the labor of her loving, forgiving and compassionate heart.

Her absence leaves us with a sentiment of orphanhood as we navigate this world with less and less leaders inspired by this Love. However, while we are in mourning, we must remind ourselves that this is just a brief separation, as our Queen is now where we all long to be, and where we will all be joined together soon.

May this time be one of deeper reflection about who we are called, and meant to be. And may our Queen’s loving heart that made us love her so much live on as tangible inspiration for each of us to keep seeking the same willingness to always serve others in Love.