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Be a message of love

We know that we rely on God’s grace to do anything good, to ourselves and others. But our lives also embody a message.

When we follow Jesus, we become a message of faith, hope and, above all, love. It is our willingness to become better that makes a difference and that willingness should transpire in our lives.

Being a message of love is the very foundation of our calling. God is love and he came here in human flesh to show us the way.

Yet the way is not a path, but a person, Jesus. He is who we were always meant to be. He is who we are called to be.

Being of the same mind as Jesus turns us into a message of love.

For us that’s impossible, because it is God who makes all things possible. We can only start being of the same mind as Jesus when God makes his home in us and shares his divinity with us. For that to happen, all we have to do is accept his love.

As we accept and seek him with a humble heart, his Spirit deepens our roots in that loving mind and we become expressions of his love.

Does that mean we’ll never fall again? Of course not!

We are not called to seek perfection, far from it. Trying to live beyond the level of conscience that God has given us will lead us to crash and burn. And falling is always a lesson in humility.

Although we will fall, seeking the Lord as our life supply will give us the peace of mind that we are forgiven. Because the righteous will live by faith and express God by loving one another.

Merry Christmas, friend!

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We are not alone

We all have tasted loneliness at some point in our lives.

It isn’t simply about not having company, but about having quality company that does us good. And that is not easy to find.

But the good news is, we are far from being alone. We are meant to be. And this loneliness that clouds our judgment and keeps us from seeing with the eyes of faith can be defeated.

So how do we defeat it? Well, the answer is: we don’t. It is the One who made us with unconditional love who defeats it. But he can only defeat our loneliness when we humbly accept his love.

Our lives are transformed when we become conscious of this love and gain the confidence, through faith, that we are not alone.

When we follow his ways, there’s no reason to feel lonely, because he gives us every opportunity to be with others who reflect his love.

Yet if we still feel lonely at times, we just have to call his name and he will be there through the people he brings into our lives.


What about Christmas?

As we gain understanding about God’s grace upon us and how God is love, we are transformed. But if we are not being transformed, then how can we say we are gaining this understanding?

It’s alright to celebrate Christmas. The decor can be very beautiful and inspiring – but celebrate it for what it is and not for what it is not.

Christmas is not a special date for God.

Christmas is a pagan celebration. Jesus was not born on December 25th and God has not called us to celebrate the birth of his human incarnation.

As a Christian, I find myself having to explain even to other Christians why I don’t celebrate Christmas and why it isn’t more or less meaningful than any other day.

God did not call us to be preoccupied with showing our love for others by giving them gifts. Or to celebrate him in the exclusivity of family – we are all a family.

But God did call us to live a life driven by love and with Him as the center of it.

And God has also called us to live a life that is inclusive of others – all others!

I believe Christians have a hard time really letting go of worldly ways and Christmas is a blatant proof of it every year.

This Christmas, I invite you to face the occasion as what it really is.

And then be empowered as a Christian to make all other days of the year feel as special as you think Christmas should be – for you and for everyone else around you.

Grace & Peace 🙂