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Filters and the truth

We all have big mouths and let slip far more than we should from the depths of our imperfections. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had enough filters in place though?


The problem is not lack of filters. The more we focus on filters, the less we have to face the truth about who we really are and what we’re capable of.

I used to be one of those extroverts who scored extremely high on extroversion. Speaking my mind and being a straight shooter made me feel honest. 

But it’s not, and it’s never been, about being honest. It’s about being good. 

Whether or not you have filters, what comes out of your mouth reflects what your soul is filled with. 

I learned some valuable lessons that eventually changed me from inside out – all thanks to not having filters. Dealing will the consequences of my unfiltered behavior helped me face myself as I really was.

Surprisingly I also learned how to filter a few things out until those things were resolved in me. 

Ultimately filters should only be there to assist us in our growth. 

If we’re using filters to deliberately hide who we are without making a genuine effort to change, then we are denying ourselves the opportunity to become better. 

Let it out and take the blow. Or keep it in and deal with it. 

Either way, facing the truth about ourselves is an edifying process that, if focused on forgiveness and love, brings us unprecedented growth and peace of mind.