The freedom of Love

God is not forbidding us from doing things. On the contrary, he gives us the free will to make our own decisions.

Similarly in politics, a politician can be a follower of Jesus and yet give others the possibility of making decisions that are not aligned with his/her personal convictions.

I know a wonderful woman in politics who is exactly like this. I voted for her with my heart filled with hope and love.

It’s called free will. All else is judgment.

We have the freedom that God, who is Love, gives us. We aren’t called to advocate against each other’s freedom.

It is God’s love that is in control. Always.

We give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. And to God what is God’s.

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Is everything we call love really love?

Love is a buzz word nowadays. Everyone says they love everyone, even in cultures where there was never even a habit of saying ‘I love you’ to anyone outside the realm of family. It all looks really good, but is it true?

A believer knows that love is an expression of God, and that any expression of genuine love is divine in nature. We also know that, since we are limited, we can only love in part. But as we love one another, we share God’s love by doing his will and grow in our ability to love everyone.

We also know that love is conscience, not feeling. We might not like certain people, but we are called to love them. Love takes transcendence. And not surprisingly this is where people can be completely misguided.

For instance, take people who say they love more than one person at a time, romantically, and want to be with both. They believe that they have transcended this world, and some call themselves spiritual, but no sane person would do what they do. In reality these people are not yet able to love.

A loving conscience understands that, in our world, competing for a partner’s attention is hurtful. We resent betrayal, both sexual and emotional, and we are troubled by the very thought of our partner desiring others.

Pagan cultures are being rebranded in our times, but they are very old. Friends with benefits, casual relationships and polyamory are non-committal and non-monogamous behaviour that show both a lack of spiritual transcendence and a strong disregard for human nature. They are destructive for a loving conscience and enslave an unloving conscience to darkness.

But I’m not talking about saving ourselves for marriage either. Trust me, God knows how skilled people are at selling themselves to get what they want. The number of people out there who get married to someone who turns into a completely different person shortly after is statistically impressive.

Knowing the horrors of this world, God takes us by the hand to navigate it in the best way possible. We should absolutely get to know someone well in all aspects of life before we decide that they are worthy of marrying.

As we navigate this world with a loving conscience leading us, genuine love fills us with the joy to give ourselves completely and exclusively to another person. And that’s what we can truthfully call love.

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We choose family through Love

In a way, we are one huge family, since we are related genetically. Thanks to the complex logistics of worldwide relations, what we call family has become smaller and smaller overtime.

But for those of us who have been called and put our trust in Love, the meaning of family is deeper than that. Jesus teaches us that his mother and his brothers – in other words, his family – are the ones who do the will of God.

The dominant attitude from Mary and Jesus’ brothers toward Jesus is no stranger to many of us. Jesus called them out, and so should we. Got some dominant types in yours, or meanies? Draw a crystal clear line, with Love.

We are called to love one another, and while we put love first, we are a family to one another. Our calling is to love in spirit, not to worship our blood ties.

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Live the truth wisely to do good

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We can honor our parents by improving them in ourselves

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What’s your Christian tone like?

I came across a “Christian” blog post the other day and read it – which I never do. Deep inside, I was curious to see if the author would surprise me – although they never do.

And surely enough, the tone was very… how should I put it? Old testament like.

When Jesus came, there was already an ongoing situation with religion and religious people that was not surprising back then – and is not surprising now.

I’m talking about this stiff, judgmental, cold-hearted, hypocritical and legalist tone that the great majority of Christians has.

Being a Christian is about being freed by God’s love, a love that we are blessed with through God’s grace. And Paul describes the fruit of this spirit perfectly in Galatians 5:22-23:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Now this blog post I read was talking about Christian friendships. And I wanted to write today about how far it was from the truth. Being a Christian is not about letting others know how they are at fault – cause, yup, that was the point the author was making!

I believe in praying for others when I suspect they are making poor decisions for themselves. I say “suspect” because what do we know of God’s ways, really? God can use a particularly difficult situation to bring good on us. In fact, it is in our weakness that his power is strengthened in us – and that is also his way of strengthening us in love.

That judgmental and cold-hearted blog post was painful to read, but it also reminded me that I rely on God’s grace not to turn to those loveless ways. And I do believe that from time to time I turn to those ways and have to back off from myself.

Our Christian tone ultimately depends on how much of a ‘fight’ we put up with the worst in ourselves. In other words, the evil that inhabits us is always there, but if we choose to live under God’s grace and not under the law, we will make it – because the righteous will live by faith.

For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law. Clearly no one who relies on the law is justified before God, because the righteous will live by faith. — Galatians 3 10-11

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Filters and the truth

We all have big mouths and let slip far more than we should from the depths of our imperfections. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had enough filters in place though?


The problem is not lack of filters. The more we focus on filters, the less we have to face the truth about who we really are and what we’re capable of.

I used to be one of those extroverts who scored extremely high on extroversion. Speaking my mind and being a straight shooter made me feel honest. 

But it’s not, and it’s never been, about being honest. It’s about being good. 

Whether or not you have filters, what comes out of your mouth reflects what your soul is filled with. 

I learned some valuable lessons that eventually changed me from inside out – all thanks to not having filters. Dealing will the consequences of my unfiltered behavior helped me face myself as I really was.

Surprisingly I also learned how to filter a few things out until those things were resolved in me. 

Ultimately filters should only be there to assist us in our growth. 

If we’re using filters to deliberately hide who we are without making a genuine effort to change, then we are denying ourselves the opportunity to become better. 

Let it out and take the blow. Or keep it in and deal with it. 

Either way, facing the truth about ourselves is an edifying process that, if focused on forgiveness and love, brings us unprecedented growth and peace of mind.