Love blossoms in weakness

Being weak reminds us that no matter how hard we try to be strong and stay strong, we still crash and burn. Because we are only truly strong when we rely on God’s love for strength.

While we live the illusion that we got it, we close ourselves to the infinite possibilities of his loving power. We can drive ourselves crazy strategizing solutions for our failures, or trust that he makes the impossible happen when we seek him.

God’s loving power is perfected in our weakness. When we humbly acknowledge how limited and powerless we are, he steps in to teach us how to navigate life under his grace.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.


He teaches us to give it all to him to live better: our worries, our pains, our frustrations and failures. Then we can enjoy this peace that only the One who made us can give us.

With a grateful heart, we are able to see his blessings in our lives and the many times he rescued us from our hopelessness. He knows what we need and always gives more than what we ask for.

He is the way maker, our strength and path to eternal life.


Genuine gratitude is not a bargain with the almighty universe

Our intuition always shows us what does us good. So it isn’t surprising that gratitude has become a lifestyle in the world of today that is all about seeking ways of living a happy life.

But gratitude is first and foremost to God. It stems from a life-changing relationship with Him when He calls us and we surrender to his eternal love. Because who else would we go to? It is Jesus who has the words of eternal life. Even knowing this comes as a revelation from God.

We become grateful to God for everything in our lives, including what we perceive as bad, because God gives us the understanding that all things contribute to our good in as much as we love Him and want to do His will.

This gratitude does not seek rewards. It does not seek happiness as the materialization of the “enlightened state” of being “grateful”. In fact, it is simply a humble attitude before God that naturally unfolds in us because we trust that He is giving us every experience necessary to transform us into the perfect and eternal expression of Himself.

What does this gratitude have to do with the trendy “gratitude” of nowadays? Nothing. Because being grateful now comes with the expectation that if we are grateful for what we have, greater things will happen in our lives.

In other words, this trendy “gratitude” is nothing but a bargain. A bargain with an “almighty universe” where cause and effect lord it all along with its pagan spirituality derivates: karma, law of attraction, quantum physics etc.

Is that really gratitude? Far from it. It is easy to be grateful when everything is going well or if there is the prospect of turning things around in a direction that we desire to go when things are not going well.

Here’s the thing: genuine gratitude does not seek rewards. Were we called to live our lives being grateful for what we have and at the same time look at it as milestones towards what else we can get?

In the pursuit of worldly riches, we end up losing our spiritual (true) selves and finding death. It is the same death Jesus saved us from, but that we keep seeking through our material wants again and again and again.

Why pursue worldly riches that leave us feeling empty, meaningless and hopeless, when we can enjoy an eternity of peace through God? All we have to do is want it. And His grace will fill us up with His love until we overflow with it and become His lights in this world of darkness.


Daily gratitude

When we start reacting to life in stressed, upset and entitled ways, gratitude is lacking. And it’s very easy to lack gratitude in our world, which is all about updates & ugrades.

It’s an important daily exercise to take a step back and feed our gratitude.

I make a case in my life to keep things very simple and that’s helped me become more detached from wanting to have more. I probably have less than anyone else that I know and I’ve been asked several times if I had just moved into my place, because of the very few pieces of furniture.

But the outside is not that important. Where we really need to keep things simple and focused on what’s essential is in our souls.

This daily gratitude is also about being grateful for our ability to love one another and to feel peaceful in a world that is full of struggle.

Today I am grateful for the love that God’s inspired in me amidst a difficult moment.

I am grateful for feeling love in my heart even when it seems things are not working out, because the things that really matter are working out in mysterious ways to prepare my soul for the wonders of what’s next.


Less introspection, more gratitude

Introspection is essential for self-awareness and growth. But living inside our heads does us no favors and leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Feeling hopeless, purposeless, negative, indifferent? Try reaching out to people and listening to what’s going on in their lives.

Offer them a hand. A smile.

I know some negative people who feel isolated, misunderstood and hopeless – but they refuse to reach out to others to help them.

Little do they know that the most powerful ‘cure’ for our negativity often comes from stepping out of our inner selves and actively helping others.

Gratitude is the fuel that leads us to want to help others when we feel like we are the ones who need to be helped. But gratitude is often diluted in introspection, because the more we dig, the more we become aware of the weight of the world and of our imperfections.

Want to help yourself? Try helping others first.

Step out of yourself: you might not be perfect, but helping others with genuine willingness is the road to perfection!