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Speaking up about Love to heal our fears and division

I’ve been writing about rampant judgment in our communities since we found ourselves in these circumstances we’re now. Far from being humanitarian, many of us have turned to attack one another as we react to fear of death enhanced by mass hysteria.

Some even say that anyone who does not comply with the new rules should be denied help if they become sick. And this, my friends, is how we become so blinded by our self-righteousness that we start doing what’s evil in the name of doing what’s good.

We have to be very, very careful at all times, but these times are particular treacherous. There are many trials we are facing, but the main one is our ability to love one another.

When so many people start preaching violence, neglect and exclusion as means to do what is good or build a peaceful community, the darkness of this world is in full effect.

We are not loving one another by keeping silent to avoid conflict, when our hearts feel strongly against what is being said or done. We can, and should, show our love by speaking peacefully and firmly as we assert our values founded on Love.

We are not called to be silent and live in a spiritual cave, but to use every opportunity to be agents of peace.

We don’t pick sides, but we must take a stand. Love is our stand.

We are not called to oppress, but to speak up for Love, forgiveness, compassion, peace – and this not at the expense of others.

We don’t have to speak against anything or anyone. Let’s raise our voices to speak only about the Love that can unite us and not join any other conversation that is focused on dividing us.

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When being wronged is good

We will be wronged a lot in the course of our lives.

Each of us has the freedom to either be wronged and not take action against our oppressor or pursue the justice of this world.

Yet it is when we have the willingness to be wronged and to suffer loss that we are given the opportunity to keep Christ’s virtue at a cost that this world is not willing to pay.

The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated?


I know wonderful people who have suffered severe wrongdoings.

Thanks to their surrender and faith in the wise ways of God, they make a decision everyday not to pursue worldly justice. Their peace and joy overflow and inspire.

This way of life, which mirrors Jesus’ spirituality, resonates with few of us. Yet this is the life that rewards us with peace that exceeds all understanding. This is the divine life worth living.

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Real justice comes from Love

I am sure we would all love to live in a just world. Justice itself is such a powerful word that we love throwing around because it reminds us that, in every situation, there is a right thing to do.

The tricky part about justice is that we know very well that none of us are in a good position to define what is just, and what is unjust. 

Since we know that real justice comes from love – because God is love – we should invest in forgiveness and leave the judgment to God. 

Jesus teaches us to forgive everyone, regardless of meritGod forgave you and me without merit, so out of love for God, and through His divine love, the only true love, we can also forgive one another regardless of merit. 70×7.

When we trust God’s justice, we receive rest through his grace. Trust that He is all good and that when, how and where are in His hands.

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God’s grace undermines ’cause and effect’

The experience of God’s grace in our lives completely undermines the notions of ’cause and effect’. His grace doesn’t touch us because we have been good. And the good things in our lives are not the effect of us being good.

This could easily explain why there are so many religions out there and so many people willing to join them. It is very hard to accept that good and bad things happen to both good and bad people – and that we won’t know why until we’re with God!

We surely do thirst for justice, but sadly we thirst way more for punishment. God’s grace breaks that cycle of perversion and forgives the just and the unjust! How many people do you know would be fine with that? Would you?