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Focus on how you can do it right, not on how you are doing it wrong

One of the obstacles for people to live under God’s grace is our paranoid tendency to focus on what we are doing wrong and on ways to fix it ourselves.

Instead what God’s grace allows us to do is to focus on what we can do right.

Once you start focusing on your relationship with God and on loving your neighbour as yourself, which is how God wants us to love him, your choices in life will change.

However, this is the part where the great majority of people, religious and non religious alike, stumble. God’s grace doesn’t free us to be a ‘free run sinner’. It frees us from the weight of our guilt so we can be ‘born again’ and lead a different life.

We still do things wrong under God’s grace. But we are then blessed with repentance, forgiveness and the strength to persevere in wanting to be good regardless of our downfalls.