Trading control for peace

Our worries can sometimes paralyze us and rob us of the peace it takes to make good decisions. But we are not alone. And the One who made us wants us to give our worries to him.

When we seek him first, be it by reading his word, praying or by loving one another, we enjoy his peace.

And he lifts the weight from our shoulders.

I love reading his word while savouring my breakfast, to start my day with what’s most important in my life. And it is his message of love that nurtures and prepares me for sleep.

He teaches me to acknowledge my struggles, but let troubling thoughts go by like clouds in the sky.

When we engage with our worries, we invite them to stay.

Sometimes we stubbornly insist on being in control. That’s when we know it’s time to pray and cry to him about our struggles, instead of trying to figure them out by ourselves.

He always nurtures our spirit with his love, giving us the ability to forgive and go through the day with a grateful spirit.

When I humbly seek his wisdom, I live better.

Trusting that he’s taking care of us makes us overflow with love in the spirit and all our worries are swallowed by his peace.