god love

Genuine strength comes from God

We might consider ourselves strong, but this strength only holds if it is genuine. And genuine strength comes from God.

This strength is spiritual and entails a life of transcendance.

Everytime I’ve experienced my strength weaken, I found myself ‘too busy’ living a life without God at its absolute center. And making decisions that were not good for me, spiritually. A life where I allow myself to be dragged by the superficial flow. A life where I make too many concessions for others and find myself crushed by passiveness.

I am finding that a busy life makes it almost impossible to keep God at its center.

Remember: we work for material possessions and we invest in friendships and relationships, but all of that will be gone at some point. God is the only constant in our lives. And he is the very reason why we exist.

Want to have genuine strength and peace? Invest in God. Everything else will come to pass. And let go of whatever and whoever keeps you from investing in God.

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