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What gives us peace in the eye of the storm

We live in peace when we believe in the One who forgave us for all that we have done and will still do, across spacetime.

Yet forgiveness doesn’t erase the consequences of our decisions in this world. And that’s why many of us struggle.

For instance, take someone who committed murder and repented, turning to a life in the spirit where God is now thoroughly transforming him.

This person is forgiven by God, as repentance is already a gift from God and we are only able to repent from our wrongdoings when God has already forgiven us. However the criminal will still suffer the consequences of breaking the laws of this world.

Similarly, when we hurt each other and repent, we can live a forgiven and peaceful life in the Lord. But the ones that we hurt may or may not be back into our lives or even forgive us.

Expecting justice, forgiveness and love from this world is what tends to frustrate us. It is only the life God gives us in the spirit that is filled with divine justice, forgiveness and love.

When we live under God’s grace, we are able to withstand the often implacable judgment of this fallen world. Shielded by his unfailing, unconditional and eternal love.

Living in spiritual hope brings divine joy to our days regardless of circumstances. For there is much joy in knowing that we are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus, who is our advocate.

And there is even more joy in knowing that he is preparing us for a dimension of existence ruled by God’s love.

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